PVRIS will release their highly-anticipated third studio album Use Me on 01 May 2020 on Reprise / Warner Records.

Use Me finds frontwoman, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Lynn Gunn stepping into a new chapter as she owns her role as PVRIS’ leader and sole architect. The result is a collection of alt-pop conjurations of glitchy beat-craft, airy guitars, and spell-binding vocals.

The album’s first track Dead Weight was premiered as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World on Radio 1. Lynn explaining, “Dead Weight is about being a people pleaser, holding others up and never asking for anything back. Quite often that can be taken advantage of and it can be hard to set “no” boundaries. This feels amplified, especially as a woman. This song is about stepping into my power as a woman, shedding old skin and taking nurturing – caretaker feminine nature and turning it into a super power.”

Dead Weight is accompanied by an official video created in Milan with Italian director Yhellow, who recently directed videos for Hallucinations and Old Wounds.

That newfound sense of freedom lies at the core of Use Me. For years, Lynn remained in the background, too shy to take all of the credit for the vision of PVRIS and her role in the songwriting, presentation, much of the production, merch and visual concepts. At last, she is ready to shine a light on who she is and what she does.

“I allowed myself to support a narrative I thought I had to support of PVRIS being a band,” Lynn confesses. “I didn’t really have a role model for this. Coming from a ‘band culture,’ it’s about how the group is always greater than the sum of its parts, and you’re not supposed to take credit, even if you do everything. There’s no template or role model for really owning it as a woman. I wanted to make everyone else happy and uphold an image I thought we had to.

Growing up, I learned I don’t have to do that anymore. I’m finally allowing myself to take credit. I’ve got the full support and encouragement of my bandmates. PVRIS is a unit and very much a team, but the heart and soul of the vision and music always has sourced from me. I’m just saying it now. I fulfilled my own vision of what a role model should be.”

Writing and recording all of 2019, Lynn found the perfect collaborator to bring this to life in JT Daly (K. Flay). With Lynn writing, cooking up beats, playing guitar, drums, bass and singing, he amplified her vision and versatility in the studio. PVRIS set the foundation for the new era with recent EP Hallucinations, spawning the lead single and title track which clocked 10 million streams in a few months, as well as fan favourites Old Wounds and Death of Me.

Growing up in Lowell, Massachusetts, frontwoman Lynn Gunn taught herself drums, guitar and bass by sneaking into her brother’s bedroom in grade school and playing for hours on end. During computer lab at school, she discovered production and recording software, tuning out the day’s lessons in order to tinker with her very first beats. This process carried over to PVRIS, which she officially formed in 2013, joined by band mates Alex Babinski (guitar, keys) and Brian MacDonald (bass, keyboards).

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