Manchester based indie outfit Rundown, announce new single ‘Redefine’

The single is set for release Friday 14th May along with B-side ‘Save Me (I Don’t Know Where I’m Going)’

Rundown Redefine Review

The announcement follows the bands debut single ‘Take Offence’ which received high prise. All precedes of their new single will be donated to Salford Royal hospital

“we feel that “Redefine” and “Save Me” will throw “Take Offence” out of the park”
:- Sam Mills, Guitarist, Rundown

Opening with a catchy guitars, which instantly grab your attention followed by highly relatable lyrics ‘So we get up, do the same stuff, same shit, on a different day‘ – it’s fair to say we’re all feeling like ‘Redefine‘ at the moment – we’re all redefining our lives in some way shape or another, or in some cases having our lives redefined for us.

Fronted by Grace Ellen, who’s voice blends seamlessly in to this style, has those 90’s throwback tones, that land somewhere between Louise Wener (Sleeper) and Justine Frischmann (Elastica) but still carrying her own unique delivery.

Rundown have done a nice job on this number. Right song, right time and will be relatable by the whole fucking country at the moment.

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