Y Not Festival returned to its usual place in the Derbyshire Dales for its 11th year this month.

This festival has steadily increased in size and after winning last year’s ‘Best Mid-sized’ event it jumped from a crowd size of 18.000 to 25,000 and sold out with weeks to spare. Despite the increase in size, the organisers have done well to maintain that boutique feel that has made it one of the most popular festivals in the UK.

So headliners this year were The Editors, Noel Gallagher and Madness, supported by a plethora of bands from all genres to keep everyone happy and smiling.

Some of the smaller stages had amazing line-ups and special mention has to go to the This Feeling/Jack Daniels stage who didn’t have a bad band across the whole weekend. Even After finishing his 15 song set Mr. Gallagher encouraged his fans to head over to that stage. Clearly, knows his music that man.

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Those who came to see Noel wouldn’t have left disappointed, the only fly in the ointment being a sound issue early on, otherwise it was pretty flawless. He clearly has a lot of fans of his own High Flying Birds tracks but the main stage crowd really came alive when Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back in Anger were belted out, A right good sing-along ensued which kinda drowned him out.

From his High Flying Birds stable were tracks such as Everybodys on the Run, Riverman, AKA and You Know You Cant Go Back. A top performance from one of the UKs most legendary musicians.

So that took up a couple of hours but what of the other 3 days? There were top performances from The Editors (who it could be argued were the band of the weekend) , Catfish, The Cribs, Yak, Baby Strange, Blood Honey, Fun Lovin Criminals and my favourites – Shame.

I couldn’t get to all and rue the fact that I missed Deap Vally and apparently Cabbage were incredible.

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Some new additions to the festival this year included a cinema showing some classics, a wall of death which was pretty damn scary and some new venues such as the Coconut. All the usuals were there and it was nice to see the Tribe of Xanadu getting their plot for some serious bass.

Tickets for next year’s festival will go on sale soon and I can’t recommend buying a brief as soon as you can.

A top festival with top bands and great weather made it a weekend to remember (if you can).