A time machine just landed on the old shipyard Copenhell and out came 4 Swedish guys, looking like something taken from the late 60´s

They really sound and look like they just stepped out of a time machine. The hippie styling and the mustaches were fancy.

But is it good enough for the metal packed Copenhell 2018? Or will it just be a misplaced kick in the balls? The authenticity is stunning, alot of bands now a day, try to imitate that sought out sound, from the mid to late 60´s sound, where Janis, Hendrix, Zeppelin and Cream were huge, without luck, but Swedish Graveyard nails it. They don´t just nail it, they do it in a truly stylish manner too. The band looked like they just dropped acid before the show and I wouldn´t be surprised at all, if they really were heavily drugged up. Even though Graveyard have only exsisted as a band, for a little over a decade, they already seems like experienced musicians.

But what is retro hippie music doing on a metal dominating festival?
Well some would definately argue that they are a buzzkill, the majority of bands on Copenhell is in the metal gengre. I would turn it around and say, they fitted in well, because it gives Copenhell a diversity ,that makes it fun and entertaining to participate.

I would have wished Graveyard had showed more teeth and been more “dangerous”, but they mostly seemed harmless like a drugged up horse. Graveyard most memorable moments were actually their down tempo songs. Songs like the bluesy “Uncomfortably Numb” and the moody “Slow Motion Countdown” were both songs that stood out. In general the songs were minimalistic, slow and melodic, complex and delicate with psykadelic passages. It takes your mind onto Zeppelin, Rainbow and Deep Purple, but with a modern twist. I would definately give Graveyard a listen in the future, but i must say, this was a slow starter.

Graveyard Setlist, Copenhell 2018:

– Ain’t Fit to Live Here
– Please Don’t
– Walk On
– Buying Truth (Tack & Förlåt)
– Uncomfortably Numb
– Cause & Defect
– The Fox
– An Industry of Murder
– Goliath
– Slow Motion Countdown
– Bird of Paradise
– Hisingen Blues
– The Siren

We rate:
5.0 rating