As Sonder Festival 2018 approaches, we pick out some of the must see bands

The lineup is packed full of amazing talent, and includes some of the best up and coming bands in the UK at the moment. 

Whilst Sonder Festival is still under the radar compared to some of the other festivals Manchester has to offer, it still manages to draw in some amazing talent, and the talent most definitely draws in a crowd across each and every venue. This year, Sonder takes to the stage at, Bread Shed, FAC251, Night People, Hatch and Joshua Brooks, and over 200 artists will grace the stages, including The Moods, Our Fold, OK Broken, Bang Band Romeo and Puppet Theory to name just a few.

For us, there are a few bands that are a must see if you are going to attend the festival this year. Bolton based Our Fold are high up the list, if not top. This band have been sitting in the background for a few years now, but in the past year, they have risen to new heights, and have their debut album on the way, which follows on from their truly brilliant single launch in the hometown, for their latest single, ‘Don’t You Want A Lover’. Alongside Our Fold, another must see act are The Moods.

The Moods are based in Manchester, and are a mighty collection of poets, producers, and musicians, who performed at Stampede Festival earlier in the year at the O2 Ritz. Their sets are energetic, and draw an astonishing crowd with their hip-hop hits, especially their most loved song, ‘P.O.P (Profit Over People)’, and their newest single, ‘Carnival’, which came out just in time for the summer this year.

Another artist who is well worth seeing is James Holt. A solo artist from Bolton who brings something a bit different to the table. His music is much more laid back and intimate than some of the other artists this festival has to offer. However, his music is gripping, and James Holt is a truly talented musician, who brings touches of Dylan and Lennon into his songwriting, to create something that the current music scene doesn’t have much of.

Whilst there are many more bands on offer at this festival, which takes place between 27th-30th September 2018, the bands/artists listed above are, for us, the top three that this festival has to offer. Their talent is overlooked, and if you get the chance to see any of them, you will understand just how underrated they really are.