A magical musical menu for hungry appetites in gigtastic Northwich!

Yes you read that right. Northwich has all you could want in terms of musical majesty this weekend.

Forget the city centre, this is the only place to be from the opening FREE launch night on Thursday until you’ve emptied your overdraft on Saturday. That said, it’s all made up of affordable bite size chunks so have a look at what’s on offer and get booking before tickets sell out!

From established names like Mark Radcliffe doing a Q&A in his inimitable style, through Clint Boon making you throw your best moves on the dancefloor the side dishes on this menu are pretty impressive.

Bands wise you are spoilt for choice across a number of venues. Far too many bands to list individually here but it’s a mouth watering selection and I reckon I’ll try every course. Enough of the food analogy, suffice it to say each line-up is looking great and, importantly, diverse. With a price range to suit every pocket, with some events being free, you’ve no excuse to not go.

Established names like Tom Hingley and Glen Matlock will be rubbing shoulders and sharing riders with some of the best newer bands around including The Empty Page, narcissus, Argh Kid, Time for Action, Deja Vega, The C33s and The Maitlands, Callow Youth and Cabbage. Grab your chance to see these and more in cosy venues.

And if you fancy a break from the music there’s a superb exhibition at the Obeid gallery including artworks to gaze upon or buy in various media from print to slate. Featured artists include Stone Icon, Smashed Hits Broken Vinyl and Paul Husband Photography.

There’s also a DDGW beer which you’ll have to force yourself to try aswell as some hunger attacking food stalls at the Baron’s Quay Stage.

Take a gander at https://ddgw.co.uk/about-us/ or find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ddgweekend/ to get your tickets booked and download the free programme guide.

I’ll see you there! I’ll be the one looking tired and hysterical but with a huge grin on my face.