We spend much of every year being overly excited for 2000Trees so of course, the cancellation of this years festival hit hard.

However, we are all here to make sure our beautiful 2000Trees stay as strong as possible for its 2021 return.

Today 2000Trees announced that Jimmy Eat World will be the Main Stage Thursday headliner in 2021. That, however, is not the end of this important public service announcement.

As an independent business 200Trees has no corporate backers, and with the current crisis they will have a whole year with little to no income. So, today 2000Trees have launched KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE – The 2000trees Crowdfunder. Your support will mean that next July 2000Trees can bring back the best live music experience, in the most stunning countryside, with the most committed fans.


If you’re able to donate, there are some unbelievable rewards on offer that you won’t get anywhere else as a thank you for helping out, including exclusive merch, VIP tickets for life, stage sponsorship options and even a full weekend bar tab: yes drink free all weekend.

If you are able to help (link here) you will certainly be a hero to everyone that works so hard putting their heart into 2000Trees ever year and to everyone else that loves 2000trees.

Don’t forget, all tickets already purchased automatically roll over for next year – so if you already have yours, you don’t need to do anything else to join 2021 best rock party.

Featured image by Ben Morse.