Full Lineup For Trashed TV Live Announced.

Supported by Manchester brewers, Brewdog and hosted by the hilarious Gary Drury of Our Fold, and Meredith Peterson of Kendal Calling / Bluedot / Transmission and Manchesters, Off The Record, Trashed TV Live brings a fresh take on Manchester live entertainment scene. 

A first for the city!

A TFI Friday style live entertainment show is coming to Manchester and taking place at The Bread Shed, on 6th Sept. Trashed TV Live will host a barrel of bands and artists who’ll be appearing on the show and in conversation, chatting about new releases, behind the scenes, all things gigs as well as live music from a selection of bands too, making for a exciting night!

The whole show will be filmed for Trashed TV Live Youtube Channel and we can announce that, appearing on Trashed TV Live is:

Saytr Play | The Vryll Society | Denise Johnson


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Both the live stage and interview stage will be visible by the entire crowd, making for a fantastic set up with excellent view points across the venue. As well as talking about everything thats new, some bands will be taking part in the Trashed TV Live features:

  • A Star In A Reasonably Priced Kart: Band member challenge on a timed Classic Mario Kart lap featuring a Trashed guitar leaderboard. We can see this being a popular feature!
  • Chuffed or Huffed – Quick fire Happy or Upset about current news stories, both music related and current affairs.
  • Audience Q & A’s – A chance for fans to get to know the bands and ask their own questions.
  • The Brewdog Feature – See you at the show for news on this one…
  • Broke Busker – Invitation of a local busker to play one song, while his or her cap is passed around the audience, by a team member, collecting money for them.
  • For The Record – Guests to bring in their favourite record and discuss…

This is just a taste of what’s to come and with live music in the mix too, Trashed is set for a top night of laughs, entertainment and fresh take of the norm!

Trashed TV Live Social Links & Event Details:

Time & Date: 6th September 2018 – Doors 7pm
Venue: The Bread Shed, 126 Grosvenor St, Manchester, M1 7HL
Facebook Event Link: Facebook Event Link
TicketsAvailable Here

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