Its been a little quiet on the Yucatan front of recent years so it was great to catch them playing live at The Charlatans Northwich Takeover.

If you’ve not come across Yucatan yet or heared to any of their music, to give you an idea, I’m sure the lads wont mind us saying, that their dreamy and dynamic songs bare slight resemblance to those of bands such as Icelands, Sigur Ros and even maybe the likes of Scotlands Mogwai in parts, never the less they certainly hold their own and this should give you a good starting point at least…

You can probably count on one hand, the bands that have had success performing all songs in their Welsh mother tongue, Super Furry Animals, to name one, however with Yucatans style of music suits the Welsh language seamlessly and definitely ads a certain hypnotic backdrop to their soundscape performances.

LISTEN: Yucatan ‘Angharad’

Although the above track is 3 years old it certainly encapsulates the pure essence of the band. More recent tracks can be found on the bands Soundcloud including a Beatles cover of Across The Universe – a personal fave.

Yucatan hail from Bethesda in the Snowdonian mountains. Overlooked by impressive beauty, it should be no surprise that Yucatan’s sound reflects their majestic surroundings. If I didn’t have to cover three shows all at the same time, It would have been great to have stayed for their full set. That said – I’ll definitely be looking to catch them again to make up for this!! Great band, nice lads and gripping sounds. What else could you ask for?

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