New Material From Saytr Play

The Perfect Cure For Isolation Boredom

In the current state of affairs, there aren’t many bands releasing new material, the scene has fallen pretty stale, however, Saytr Play managed to get this one recorded pre-lockdown, and it was a perfect spirit boost when it released on Friday (3rd March).

The song, titled ‘VCR’ is typical Saytr Play, punchy chords, powerful vocals and catchy lyrics. It’s what has helped them to establish themselves as one of the best up and coming acts around on the Manchester music scene, and the ability to keep a signature sound, whilst still keeping the music fresh is something which very, very few bands manage to pull off. Especially this well.

The big talking point for this single is the accompanying video. It’s not what Saytr Play had planned, however due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the band couldn’t get together to film the video to accompany the incredible track. This resulted in the band calling on their fans to send in videos, and then they were put together to form the video for this track. See it for yourself, or see if you can spot yourself…

Speaking about the track, vocalist Fred Farrell had this to say;

“VCR is a song that touches on the constant pressures and paranoia of a self conscious person in a self indulgent society. It’s the idea that nothing is truly private. We allow people to see into our world, to know where we are “24/7, 365” from behind the safety net of a screen. I (Fred) sometimes feel I was born in the wrong era. Like I’m ‘selling VCR in a digital age’. Fighting a losing battle to keep up with the ever-changing times. Though the music is uplifting,
this song is a reminder to myself to be aware of my surroundings and not get sucked in to the
illusion of everybody else. Love you for you, not what people perceive of you.”

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out this incredible track by Saytr Play.

Feature image: Dirtyrocknroller