Released earlier this year, Glass Mountain’s “Glacial” is a mesmerising masterpiece.

A heartbreaking ode to unrequited love, the band’s first single and accompanying video have taken the UK music scene by storm.

Bradford-born and bred Glass Mountain have caused quite a little stir since appearing on the scene just earlier this year. Their debut EP “Glacial” is a critically acclaimed compilation of five very refined tracks – testament to the fact that Glass Mountain was formed “from the broken ashes of several other bands”, as they so aptly put it themselves.

Their first single “Glacial” stands out especially, and is accompanied by an equally as mesmerising music video, which was nominated for the Leeds Music Video Awards in November of this year.

The track begins with a slow, mellow keyboard melody, before the rest of the instruments ante up for a long moody introduction, building suspense in the listener. Lead singer Harry’s soft, brooding voice doesn’t kick in until a minute and a half into the song, as he sings: “Vivid dreams visited me, I swear everyone seemed fine / If this is true, then will dreams come true / It’s a shame they’re all nightmares in my head”.

We see Harry’s face in a blacked-out room, two hands slowly slathering his face with fluorescent neon paint as he sings… and it’s weirdly hypnotic to watch.

The chorus is incredibly beautiful and sad at the same time. As the instruments slowly crescendo, Harry croons poetically: “Can you crave me like I crave you? Crawl into my veins, there’s always a space”.

If you have a moody heartbreak playlist, ‘Glacial’ – and the rest of the EP, for that matter – should definitely feature on it. Glass Mountain are also playing several more UK dates this month, so be sure to check them out.

December Dates

10.12 – Manchester, Academy
12.12 – Norwich, Waterfront
13.12. – Hull, Hull University
14.12. – Sheffield, The Foundry
15.12. – Liverpool, Olympia
16.12. – South Sea, Pyramids
17.12. – Coventry, Copper Rooms
18.12. – Edinburgh, Queen’s Hall
22.12. – York, Fibbers

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4.0 rating