The Hyena Kill force out an angry, visceral album that captures their raw energy.

The album, Atomised, consists of eight tracks bursting at the seams with relentless aggressive hard-rock power.

Well, I should really say seven tracks, because The Waiting Room is a rather mellow, soothing, almost dream-like slice of melancholy, which is sung by a separate female singer. It’s quite possibly the highlight of the album, as it breaks up the aggression of the other tracks, which can become somewhat tedious. Despite being the highlight, it’s criminally short, clocking in at only 2 minutes 48 seconds, which is less than the other seven songs. Lead singer, Steven Dobbs, far too often allows his voice to revert to the screaming tactic, which makes for tired listening, because he can clearly sing with passion, as is evident on most of the tracks. He claims that ‘there’s nothing more therapeutic than screaming your head off’, which may be true, but it doesn’t work the same for the listener.

Atomised could quite easily pass off as one of those kind of albums you put on in the background and once it’s over you didn’t even realise it consisted of more than two or three tracks, which is a shame. For a two-piece act, the album is extremely polished, which is remarkable considering how raw the tracks all sound with their filthy-sounding epic riffs and stomping drumming by Lorna Blundell. The passion is there in abundance, but something is missing. Even a band like The White Stripes always made you feel as though the music needed something else to elevate it to a higher plane.

Perhaps with an extra musician added to the mix then the potential could be realised. If you like straight-to-the-point, muscular punk-rock then this début release by The Hyena Kill might be right up your alley. Sadly, it’s too restricted, but perhaps that was always their goal as a two-piece.

Flick Of The Finger is covering Henya Kill this Friday (14th Oct 2016) watch this space for the live review

7 / 10