‘We are the mods! We are the mods!’ This may be a chant from the film Quadropehnia….

…but it would feel right at home sung at a live performance by Savannah, whose new single, ‘Jodie’, is a pumped-up, hands-in-the-air, pure rock ‘n’ roller, just waiting for the mod chant to follow in its wake.

The opening guitar riff boasts the grittiness of Nirvana, before settling into a tight swaggering indie-rock number. While it may not come across entirely as an original sound, it gleefully blends several genres together, resulting in one damn fine piece of musicianship from the Telford based four-piece.

The voice of front man, Liam Ball, is powerfully crisp and angular, which is given further strength and resonance by the sleek backing vocals. When the psychedelic finale arrives, you can’t help but surrender to the power of this band. ‘Jodie’ is the kick that the music world so sorely needs right now.

9/10 fingers from us