Birmingham-based Blue Nation’s new single, ‘Good Times’, is taken from their forthcoming album, which is due sometime before next September.

While hardly a complex song, it’s a gripping, thumping and powerful track, embracing the vibes of some of their influences, from Led Zeppelin to the slightly heavier work of The Beatles.

The vocal melody is extremely tuneful and Neil Murdoch’s impressive voice has an astonishingly commercial quality to it as it soars along, rich and expressive, working in tandem beautifully alongside the thunderous sounds of the music.

The talented and clearly accomplished three-piece, who also possess aesthetically pleasing mod-rock properties, manage to conjure up a sense of euphoria in a little over three minutes with this pure melodic and anthemic rocker. The song gets you pumped-up, hands-in-the-air and ready to sing along to the rock ‘n’ roller that will no doubt sound tremendous live.

On first listen – hell, not even a full play through was more than enough to hook me in – there is absolutely no way you will not be immersed in this track. Solid, engaging and impressive songs merit multiple listens. Without a shadow of a doubt, ‘Good Times’ will get many, many more. Lead singer and guitarist, Neil Murdoch, says, ‘Times may be tough but whatever happens the Good Times will return.’ With more singles on the horizon, one can only hope that the good times are only just beginning for the band.