Not Your American Idiots is a recent Hopeless Records release, containing three covers of Green Day’s well known songs.

But it’s 2017, do we really need more Green Day covers?

Although we’ve heard the endless amounts of covers, listeners are in for a treat with this ultimate throwback, with Roam, Milk Teeth, and With Confidence putting their own characteristics in to the tracks.

Eastbourne’s own pop-punk group ROAM ease us in with their cover of Basket Case. The rapid riffs alongside the high and upbeat vocals from singer Alex Costello create a unique take on the original track. Although very generic pop-punk, this is definitely cover for the push-pitters, A solid effort from Roam, who managed to put their own twist on the track whilst not changing it completely.

Milk Teeth put their grunge spin on their cover of ‘St. Jimmy’. The distorted bass intro feels like a kick in the gut as it begins, and is satisfyingly solid throughout. Although very similar in sound in comparison to the original, the mix of the cover makes the track sound raw and old-school, really making the track their own. Becky Blomfield’s vocals really dominate the track, and drummer Oli Holbrook creates a dynamic backbone to the cover. Adding in screams occasionally throughout the song is a courageous move, yet it worked. To take one of Green Day’s recognised songs and make it sound almost an original is a true achievement, which Milk Teeth have nailed.

With Confidence have the challenge of covering the touching ‘When September Ends’. Straying away from the acoustic side, we are instantly hit with the electric pop-punk guitar intro. A bold step to make the whole track full band, as the song itself is slow and sentimental. However, With Confidence have successfully manages to keep the original emotion of the song, whilst combining it with their own charisma. The band have truly managed to make this a refreshing cover.

The EP is short but sweet, with only three covers, we are not overwhelmed with cover upon cover upon cover. The covers in themselves are unique, and deservingly good.

We rate:
3.5 rating