ist ist will release Strangers through Scruff of the Neck on April 7th 2017.

Having kickstarted their year with the release of ‘Silence’, a move in turn bolstered by their rapturously-received sell-out show at Salford’s Sacred Trinity Church, it was obvious that Manchester trio Ist Ist were going to make 2017 their year.

‘Keeping that undeniable sound of Manchester alive’ 5* FOTF

Not even two months have passed since the band made said intentions clear, yet never one’s to rest on their laurels, the three-piece are gearing up to release what’s arguably their most refined single to date.

Calling to mind the likes of White Lies and Interpol, while retaining their trademark earth-shattering force, new single ‘Strangers’ is both unquestionably Ist Ist and also a slight departure from the blunt force trauma their previous singles presented. Propulsive, and even melodic by their standards, ‘Strangers’ isn’t quite the sound of Ist Ist mellowing with age, but it is the sound of them maturing.

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5.0 rating