An exciting new competition has launched for musicians.

Salute Music Competition is offering a cash prize of £50,000 for the best new original music by a UK performer.

Most musicians are now aware of how corrupt the music industry is, with major record companies being corporate media conglomerates that still behave like loan sharks, but with less ethics. For those musicians not wishing to go down the glorified karaoke competition route, such as Pop Idol or X Factor, or to not sign a Faustian deal to further their career, so as to retain some artistic integrity, it usually means having to play lots of small gigs, relying on sales of merchandise to pay for their travel costs and food money, or at least until their audience grows substantially. Such is the reality of independent music.

Of course, the advances of music technology and its continuously decreasing prices means that it has become increasingly easy for people to record their own music, make their own videos and create their own online distribution channel. Unfortunately, as a result, there are a lot more people doing it, all vying for the same audience pool, so those with the loudest voices are often the ones that get heard, and they aren’t necessarily the most talented, especially in a world dominated by “personalities”, which explains why the likes of X Factor are so popular.

Thankfully, there is now an answer for those musicians with great talent. Salute is a new music competition, open to anyone under 30, who is writing and producing original music. And the prize for the best song is £50,000. No contracts, binding recording deals. It’s not an advance, like you get from a record company (which is essentially a very high interest loan). It is cash to spend on developing your own music career, and can be spent on recording and distributing an album, and touring and promoting it. So many musicians are currently doing that with almost no money and it just takes a lot of time, and working extra jobs. But with such a huge cash injection, it would be possible to fully immerse in becoming the next big thing, without having to starve or sell your soul.

The competition was officially launched at a media and industry event 22 March at Omeara in London Bridge, with Feargal Sharkey as the face of the competition. The competition itself opens on 3 April 2017, with the initial listening phase beginning on 15 May. The top 100 selected songs will be showcased from July, when the public will vote for their favourite six, with live shows happening in September to decide on the winner.

For all the details, and to apply to part of this amazing competition, visit