The Rogue Network are a contemporary, 3-piece, alternative blues band.

Their music is heavily influenced by the blues/soul sounds of the 70s, but on a background of thick guitars riffs and analogue synths the music has an altogether different and more dynamic feel.

Against the overwhelming number of indie bands that dominate the UK music scene, The Rogue Network are trying to craft a sound that is different. They’re trying to blend a soulful, retro sound with electronica and a modern edge. The influences come from far and wide which leads the band to cover a multitude of genres, from reggae to garage rock, but as good song writing is at the heart of everything this band does, it is always delivered with a strong sense of identity.

Since the first gig in March 2015 they release a debut EP, received glowing reviews, shortlisted for an Xfm songwriting competition, appeared on the That’s Manchester! TV channel, played live on BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Wales, been selected as a Real XS Future Classic, achieved plays on various UK & International radio stations and played many gigs so far. Currently, they’re are about the release their second EP and looking forward to building on their reputation into 2016.

The band is currently based in South Manchester, where their rehearsal studio is located. The band members are Gerallt Williams (vocals/guitar), Danny Hughes (drums), Jameson Bell (bass).

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