Hailing from the southern Manchester streets, David Scott (widely known as Argh Kid) is seemingly Manchesters modernised answer to William Shakespeare.

As a spoken word poet his truthful, relatable and sometimes comedic metrical compositions have taken the UK by storm. He is now set to release his very first track ‘Frank’.

After establishing his persona in 2016 under Manchester’s legendary Blueprint Studios, he has seen a rather steep ascend of success. From performing in front of three drunk middle aged men and a dog in Wigan, to curating pieces for Manchester United, supporting the likes of The Happy Mondays, Charlatans and alongside playing at The British Sound Project; Kendal Calling and on the cusp of releasing his highly anticipated single ‘Frank’, Dave has had one hell of a career so far.

Dave Scott AKA Argh Kid, photo credit: Paul Husband

We asked the man with the rhymes about his accomplishments: “well I put ‘Nana calls me a cock’ online a couple of years ago and it just went viral and has been crazy since then, and I’m now releasing my first single and running my own record and production label ‘Haven for Heathens’. ”

Here at FOTF, we were lucky enough to be given a pre release recording of his new track, ‘Frank’ which is hitting the airwaves on October 26th. The video to accompany the track features Steve White, (drummer for The Style Council and Paul Weller) and stars BBC’s Sean Croke as Frank. The video is a perfect accompaniment to the track since it portrays the physical elements of the lyrics as we witness a
sea of Stella cans, since ‘Franks got a taste for the Stella Artois”.

The video is set within a working class area, displaying what the audience will recognise: pubs, betting shops and lots and lots of terraced houses. I guess this helps with imagining the kind of guy that embodies Frank, we all know him; we all pass Frank in the street, we all see Frank in the local 5 pints down.

Both the track and video touches on issues that are plainly seen in modern day Britain. Drug abuse, Gambling and alcoholism all play their part in the life of Frank. The lyrics feel so effortless and flow as though the composition of words were meant for alignment.

If the reception for this track is anything like ‘Nana calls me a cock’ then the future for this Mancunian marvel is set to rocket.

Photo credit: Paul Husband