Did Creeper Really Call It A Day, Last Thursday Night?

It would be fair to say Creeper fans did not expect their post-Halloween party, at London’s KOKO, to end in broken hearts and bewilderment.

The Southampton band’s frontman Will Gould announced what looked like a fait accompli for the group, prior to their last track, of the night, Misery.

“Of all the shows we’ve played in this last four years, this one will remain with us the longest, because not only is it the last show of this album, but it’s the last show that we’ll ever do” Gould stated to the audience as their squeals of elation turned to scream of dismay.

At the end of Misery, Creeper one by one removed their jackets emblazoned with the Callous Hearts placing them ritualistically at the front of the stage. Playing over the speakers, Leonard Cohen’s Ring the Bells That Still Can Ring, it is hard to distinguish as the cries of ‘No’ fill the air.  At the rear of the stage, a black and white film montage of backstage antics and tour footage, of the band, displays smiling faces during happy pursuits. A strange juxtaposition to the tears being sobbed in the audience.

Gould’s speech closely imitates, David Bowie’s killing off, of Ziggy Stardust at the Hammersmith Apollo on 03 July 1973. At that show, Bowie stated “This has been one of the greatest tours of our life… Of all the shows on this tour, this one will remain with us the longest, because not only is it the last show of the tour, but it’s the last show that we will ever do.” Now, we have all used the excuse “Bowie made me do it” however this is intense.

The audience’s upset and confusion turns quickly to denial. Fans searching for clues in the narrative Creeper have stuck to since the release of their second EP and through subsequent releases, particularly their debut album Eternity In your Arms released early 2017. The bands own merchandise stand aided in the search for clarity. At the start of the night, they had a limited run of the band’s Callous Heart logo as an enamel badge split in two. At the end of the night, A Strange Southampton Newsletter was sold, with the headline The Callous Heart Rose and Fell, as well as black armbands and a t-shirt with the message Everything Everyone Everywhere Ends. It was all a giddy rollercoaster of panic, bad news and clutching at straws.

Sad to say it was looking like the end, of one of the most exciting and talented bands the UK has seen in years, was a reality. DIY Magazine then threw life jackets to those falling under the water line. Reporting that after Creeper left the stage one of their photographers ‘found’ a scrunched-up letter in the photo pit from James Scythe. James Scythe is who you ask. Okay, stick with me a moment here, James Scythe is a central character in the band’s whole narrative, a paranormal investigator who inexplicably disappeared. There is more, a lot more (no, really a huge amount) best just take my word a letter from James Scythe is a big deal. The letter reads as follows:

Listen closely to the wind at night, can you hear my name?
Under the static Sunday strident, can you hear my name?
Kept for us a special place, beyond the moon and sea.
Every star will die tonight, even you and me.
2 for sorrow, dark and numb.
4 for joy, love for none.
See you in the next world, James Scythe

Fans were quick to decipher a lot from these few lines, LUKE 24 to start. This bible passage indicating that essentially the band will rise again, possibly on the third day. Swiftly established, that would be Sunday and Sunday is Daniel P Carter’s Rock Show on BBC Radio 1: I strong belief was established. All would be well, a new single, a tour or maybe something even bigger would drop. Whatever it was, Creeper were not over.

Carter, a good friend of the band, has not only premiered Creeper tracks previously he has also assisted in the bands stealthily trickeries too. Running till 23:00, the Rock Show first hour flew by, the next 50 minutes too went at breakneck speed. We were in the final five minutes of the show. Social media was on fire and fans could not have been more on the edge of their seats, when Carter provided the final segway. “To all the Creeper fans listening, waiting for me to give them some news. I’m sorry I don’t have any, I wish I did. Will did actually send me a text and apologised. So what can I tell you?” Well, it appears nothing good Daniel, nothing good.

Here we are, wherever here is, is not clear. Time to dust off our memento mori? Or are we just in a limbo waiting for a Spring resurrection, maybe we will be hoping for something that will never come?

So, with a heavy heart: Thank you, Will. Thank you, Ian. Thank you, Sean. Thank you, Dan. Thank you, Oliver. Thank you, Hannah.

If we’d told you louder we loved you, could we have kept you forever?


Normally, I’d say for all the news and information on Creeper head to their official Facebook page, their official website and follow them on Twitter where the band tweets as @creepercultuk, but this is Creeper and why would we expect anything so simple and should we expect there to be anything there again?