Love Is A Basic Need is the latest offering from Embrace.

Released today on Cooking Vinyl records.

Embrace are a band from Yorkshire fronted by Danny McNamara on vocals, his brother Richard on guitar joined by Steve Firth on bass, Micky Dale on keys and Mike Heaton on drums, to date this is the seventh studio album.

Opening the album is a great track The Finish Line, I thought it was an interesting choice for an opening track but it kicked off the album in style, building up a strong anthemic feel to it. From the opening bars on keys and McNamara joining in on vocals it didn’t take long until the chorus came in forcefully with backing vocals, it certainly had me hooked wanting to hear more.

Next track up is Never, the duet between McNamara and Kerri Watt that I understand was debuted at Cardiffs Millenium stadium last year when they supported Coldplay. The track itself is a love song with a dark twist. It’s a pleasing ballad, but not outstanding to my mind. Wake Up Call I felt was a stronger track, when McNamara sings ‘I’m wide awake’ it comes across powerfully and left me singing that song for the rest of the day. Instantly taking me in, and drawing me further into the Embrace sound.

The album contains 10 tracks in all, as with all albums there are some tracks that stand out more than others I particularly enjoyed When You Were Sleeping, a haunting track sung by Richard, featuring his guitar work it’s a change from the rest of the album, a tad little more upbeat too.

All that Remains could be a great choice for a single, it comes across well and I imagine would be great live, especially with audience participation, Snake Oil as a track starts quietly with McNamara and Dale, before the line “you lift me up”, and that it certainly did, as it gathered pace. My Luck Comes In Three’s is a beautiful track that could be describes as formulaic in structure, but it works so well and as with all the tracks on the album its showcases Danny McNamara’s vocals and how well the guys come together as a band.

The title track Love Is A Basic Need closing the album is another track that has a great chorus with an infectious singalong feel to it, maybe not as strong as some of the others but it certainly left me wanting to hear more of the band.

The production on the album is fantastic and creates fantastic soundscapes that grab the attention. I’d heard plenty claiming this is not as good as previous album, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but i came to this album and reviewed it on its own merits, for that I was left impressed.

The album is out March 2nd on Cooking Vinyl and comes in many formats but being baised towards vinyl, I bet this would sound incredibly warm on vinyl and I believe Cooking Vinyl are offering it in coloured vinyl, another one for the collection, definetly.