Federal Charm are back with a new album, Passenger.

Different to their last two album, the band has evolved much since Across The Divide, the new album crash lands September 14th.

Well the aeroplane on the cover certainly looked like it did, album art work as always comes from the bands long term artist, Brian Cantwell, and for this he’s produced a stunning image.

The band have been together for a while now, but the sudden departure of previous vocalist Nick Boden and drummer Danny Rigg, left founding members Paul Bowe and LD Morawaski recruiting new members to the band. In come’s Tom Guyer on vocals and Josh Zahler on drums, both have added a new dynamic to the band, as they move on in a new direction.

My first impressions are good and the time spent in the studio has paid off, the guys took their time, and have worked well with John Simms of Hidden Colour Audio at Willow Terrace Studio in Manchester. As Paul Bowe say of the album ‘it’s a heavier album, there was no way to tame the beast’

That’s true this album is definitely heavier but that’s not a bad thing, it suits Toms vocal style well, and that comes across well on the album. The album has been a great platform for all, not only Tom, but LD and Josh Zahler are working well, LD’s exceptional basslines tying in with Zahler’s impressive drum work especially on the track Nowhere Is Home, a track about loss, not being able to put down roots anywhere in particular.

Opening track Swing Sinner, is an impressive opener, a song about a drunk, shot by his son, who’s had enough, while the locals have him hung. The whole album features many observations throughout life, and contemporary issues. I enjoyed the track Death Rattle, but it’s subject is one that dear to me, the loss of so many music venues closing at an alarming rate. Pauls expressive guitar work is used to great advantage on this track.

Emerald Haze, one of the more mellow tracks is a tale of jealousy when someone moves on from a relationship, and sees their ex with someone else.  I sometimes wonder why I seem drawn to such tracks?

Overall, I can see how the band has evolved, how they fit together, be it Toms wide ranging vocal style that carries so well in many different songs, Paul’s exceptional guitar work, powering through, and with LD and Josh nailing the rhythm section, what’s not to like.

You too, can be a passenger on their upcoming tour kicking off in Bristol September 19th and finishing in London’s Borderline, September 30th,  get on board you won’t be disappointed!

Feature image image © George Cooper