Imagine The Fall if they had taken up electronica music. Hard to see happen, I know, but Hello Cosmos are here, and are giving us a glimpse of what that might have sounded like, with their debut release, Raise The Dawn.

Hello Cosmos, consisting of, amongst others, Ben Robinson, Simon Robinson, Angela Chan and Adrian Ingham, have channeled their electric dance beats to this single, and the results hit every target.

The lead track is a slick opener, with a groove that Arcade Fire would be proud of. A proper floor filler at the indie disco.

Second track is the remix version, courtesy of Joe Thompson. Keeping within the groove boundaries of the original, it’s really up to you which one you feel like having a dance to. If in doubt, choose both.

Third track is Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight. A wonderful mix of drums, distortion and Ben Robinson, talking us through it all, and making everyone listen to the pearls of wisdom in this song.

Mark E.Smith would certainly approve….

We rate:
5.0 rating