I’m back with another blogger babe feature and this time it’s the lovely Annieatthefringe!

With the music and fashion industries constantly complimenting each other, I wanted to explore what it is that creates this link. Annie is known as an influential blogger and is always seen rocking some kick-ass outfits so I decided to snatch her for a chat!

Queue the gorgeous Annieatthefringe and her take on the love affair between the two industries…

So, what type of music are you into at the minute? In general, I really like Indie music. Indie music is like my thing, I’m an indie girl. Um, at the minute I’ve been listening to a lot of the Supremes and like 70’s stuff. When I’m on Spotify I’ll just put on like a 60’s or 70’s playlist, whatever mood I’m in and just let it run.

I like it, I like it. Who are your favourite artists/ bands at the minute? Uhmmm, obviously Arctic Monkeys, I know the new album is controversial!

Do you like it? I love it! I think that they’ve grown up now and this is there sound now. I mean you can’t expect them to be the same as they were back then. It’s definitely more grown up, it’s more of a like you know put it on, on a Sunday and chill out. I saw this meme the other day and it said um, the fans have grown up now this is like a put it on in the bath with a glass of wine. This is what we need!!!

How would you describe your style? It really varies depending on my mood! I’m generally quite, sort of, bright and a bit quirky I would say. I love my polka dots! Haha, you look at my feed at the minute and it’s like entirely polka dots, I cant stop with it.

Well it’s good because it’s bang on trend haha! I’ve always loved them and now I’m like yes they’re in this year I can go mad! I’ve just been wearing them every single day.

What got you involved in the world of blogging and when did it all start? Oh god, there’s never a straight story is there haha. I studied Fashion at uni.

What uni did you go to? London College of Fashion! I did womenswear! And I’ve been doing all kinds of fashion related jobs since, and I think that it’s something that I tend to do anyway when I’m out with my friends it’s just like oo take a picture of me in my outfit! And then we just thought one day like you know what why aren’t we doing this seriously? It’s something we do anyway so we might as well. Fashion is literally like in my blood haha. It’s a creative outlet for me aswell, it’s a way I can express myself and actually I’ve found that I really enjoy writing the blog I always thought like I’m never gonna have a blog it’s always gonna be just about the outfit pictures on Instagram and now it’s turned out to be more like oh I love your blog! So it’s become more about that I think.

It was last year sort of October time that I started to post my outfit pictures every day because I was off ill from work and I was literally bored, I had nothing to do and I was like oh I’ve got all of these pictures that I’ve never posted! And um it just sort of progressed from there by Christmas I think I was on like a thousand and I was like oh well maybe I’ll start like taking it seriously now!

So do you think the music industry influences the fashion industry and vice versa and how so? If so? Yeah well definitely like you see bands wearing stuff from the catwalk and then vice versa like god I’m tryna think of an example haha!

I think Harry Styles has really kicked off the suits this year! I mean yeah, I’m rocking that today haha! I literally thought that when I put it on! The Harry Styles look!

I’m living for the suit trend, everyone’s absolutely rocking it! I mean yeah look at Bowie, even today he’s still influencing everyone in fashion! And of course band t-shirts never go out of style do they!

Does the music industry influence your own personal style? I mean (laughs) it very clearly it does! I just wanna be Harry Styles haha! I’ve even got the hair and everything! I think I just wanna be in a band so I dress like I’m in one sometimes. And I mean HAIM oh my god, they’re my absolute favourites. Everything that they wear. Style icons.

I agree with you on that one, so what’s your favourite song of all time or at the minute? All time god there’s just too many! Erm, at the minute. Let me see what’s on my Spotify playlist at the minute. What I’m really keen on… (she whips out her phone and starts scrolling through Spotify). So obviously I’ve said like Arctic Monkeys, I think I’m gonna have to go with the Supremes you know! Classic!

Have you been to any good gigs lately? Uhm, last gig I went to was Morrissey, it was alexander palace but I mean he’s coming to Manchester now as well. I only paid about £50 or £60 I think.

Big thank you to the wonderful Annie for letting me have a chat with her!

You can go check out her outfits and posts here:

Instagram: annieatthefringe

Blog: www.annieatthefringe.com