The experimental fusion group from Sweden are on fire once again

When I tell you ‘Let it Burn’ is full of tribal drums, banshee like vocals and melodic flutes, you will be forgiven for conjuring up images of Jools Holland Show ensembles that always seem to provide the perfect moment to get up and refill your drink.

Hang on…please put that empty glass down. Let me first set you a scene:

1970s Scottish psych band, ‘Writing on the Wall’, invite Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson around to their gaff for the evening. On the way there he bumps into George Clinton and his Funkadelic crew, who conveniently have just emerged from their Mothership and brings them along too.

They all start jammin’ as you probably would when you are a ridiculously talented bunch and don’t have to rely on  TV for entertainment, like some of us mere mortals do. Now if this had actually happened (and what an episode of Urban Myths that would be) the ensuing result would sound something very similar to ‘Let it Burn’. It’s loud. It’s flutey. It’s cosmic. It has a filthy fuzzy, bass line. In fact, it offers you everything you could ever want for your ears – and more.

‘Let it Burn’ is released on the 25th May 2018 by Rocket Records, both digitally and on limited edition 7″ – available in 4 different ‘pot luck’ colours (orange, red, purple and yellow). With only 400 copies of each, it’s highly recommended that you get a wriggle on if you want to bag yourself one of the best singles you will hear this summer.

GOAT will be headlining Stage 2 at London’s Citadel Festival on 15th July

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5.0 rating