A return to form from Liars, and that’s the truth…..

Since the year 2000, American/Australian rocksters, Liars, have been treating us to no less than 8 studio albums in that time. And now, a new album, Titles With The Word Fountain,  is on the release threshold. So a single has been released to give you a taste of things to come, and that single is called Murdrum.

A very simple mix of a very steady in time drum beat, a mellow yet compelling electronica sound blending into that drum beat and add the vocals of Liars front man, Angus Andrew, and they all combine to give this tune a real relaxed feel about it. Definitely a song that suits any volume setting on your stereo.

This is a quintessential song for those who do like their electronic music with a nod to it’s 80’s heyday, but brought bang up to date in style. If this is the quality that Liars are going to give us with the new album, then bring it on. You’ll love every single minute of it, and that is definitely no lie.

Murdrum is taken from the forthcoming album by Liars, Titles With The Word Fountain, and the album is released digitally and on cassette on September 21st, with a green vinyl edition released on November 2nd. All releases are on the Mute label.

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