Scouse rock is back, and Miles Kane is back with a Coup De Grace….

If he isn’t collaborating with Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane is back doing the usual day job with the release of his third solo outing, Coup De Grace.But after the success of his last album, Don’t Forget Who You Are, how does the new album measure up? Well, let’s see….

The opening song on the album is, Too Little Too Late, and has a frenetic punk style as Kane sneers through and laps up every vocal, whilst retaining the sense of cool he has become known for. Second song in is, Cry On My Guitar, but it’s something you certainly don’t do, as this is a very slick number. And Miles Kane grooves his way through this, with added Sha-La-La-La-La thrown in for good measure.

Third offering is, Loaded. A more subtle approach to this one, and has a bitter sweet nature to it. But this song does show how versatile an artist Miles Kane actually is, and is very easy to listen to. But by the time track 4 turns up, the tempo gets cranked up once more in the shape of, Cold Light Of Day. It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s very fast paced. Just how Miles Kane likes it, I think.

Half way through the album is track number 5, Killing The Joke. And again, the tempo goes back to subtle as the keyboards and acoustic guitar take over. A song that will get the lighters out when you see Miles Kane on his forthcoming tour, I promise you. Track 6 is the title track, Coup De Grace. And Miles Kane goes all 80’s on us, with a bass line and guitar sound that ABC would’ve been proud of in their heyday.

Silverscreen is track number 7, and goes back to the fast tempo and Kane gives us the rough shout and the smooth texture to his distinguished vocal range. Sounds a tiny bit like Alice Cooper when he does go for it as well. Track 8 is, The Wrong Side Of Life. A nod in the direction of Motown in this number, with Miles Kane soulfully screaming his way through one of the best songs on the album.

The penultimate track on Coup De Grace is, Something To Rely On. A fast paced number once again, short funk guitar rhythm and Kane giving it the beans on the vocals, as he does throughout the album. And last, but by certainly no mean least, track number 10 is, Shavambacu. And no, I don’t have a clue what the title means. But this is a real cool finale to a fantastic album, with Kane showing off some smooth, classy vocals all the way through this ending number.

If you haven’t come across Miles Kane as a solo artist, then this will certainly give you a great impression of his work. This likeable lad from Liverpool certainly does hit the right note, in all the right places. Excellent stuff.

We rate:
5.0 rating