Be a marauder with Interpol and their new album…..

From the humble beginnings of their debut at the Luna Lounge in New York, Interpol have certainly come a long way since their formation in 1997.

4 band members have since become 3, but that hasn’t stopped them releasing top drawer music.

And Interpol continue that trend with the release of their sixth studio album, Marauder. So…what’s it like?

First number on the album is, If You Really Love Nothing. And don’t let the title fool you, this is quite an upbeat song that loses nothing of what Interpol have been putting out for over 15 years or so. Second song in is, The Rover. This one heralds back to the Turn On The Bright Lights album, as the band – Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler and Sam Fogarino – make this yet another anthem that will become synonymous with the fans when the band play live.

Complications is the third song in, and keeps to the familiar sound and groove in addition to Paul Banks’ vocals smoothly completing the song. Definitely no complications with this one. Song number 4 is, Flight Of Fancy. “This was made for me….”, Banks proclaims, as Kessler and Fogarino justify that statement in classic Interpol style. A choice pick for a single release sometime soon.

Fifth song in is, Stay In Touch. And a song that really does lead up to itself, as Banks keeps his vocals at a distance, before he turns quiet into loud come chorus time. After the first one minute musical interlude, Mountain Child follows on in typical Interpol style. With Ian McCulloch style vocals from Paul Banks, this could fit in as an early Echo & The Bunnymen number, such is the influence.

Nysmaw follows soon after, and keeps in with the steady sound that Marauder has produced so far. A great example of a 3 minute indie pop song. Song 9 is, Surveillance. A very bass guitar lead song, with the New York style of cool that set Interpol apart from the bands who came along for the musical ride at the start of the millennium.

Number 10 is creatively called, Number 10. And is the pick of the bunch on this album, with the slow introduction which then bursts into life, with Banks telling you that, “Your secrets safe here….”. This is a great song, and that’s no secret at all. Song number 11 is, Party’s Over. With Fogarino drumming a proper marching beat on this one, this one has a slight somber feel to it. But it wouldn’t be an Interpol album without a song like this.

The second one minute interlude leads nicely into the final song on the album, It Probably Matters. A song that does have a tinge of regret to the situation sung about, but it’s done in a melodic style that has made Marauder such an easy album to listen to.

Interpol have always been able to make their music cool, no matter what happens. It’s very hard to believe they’ve been around for all this time, and still make music relevant to the current, and ever changing, trends. Be cool, be Interpol cool.

Marauder is out now on the Matador Records label

We rate:
5.0 rating