Greta Van Fleet bring classic rock back to life with debut album

A blend of powerful vocals, bluesy guitar, driving bass and tight drums results in one truly great debut album

It’s not been long since modern rockers, Greta Van Fleet began to make a name for themselves, but their following is already huge, and the release of this debut album shows how well they are doing. The album comes after the success of their EP which put them on the map, and began the Led Zeppelin comparisons, and it also follows the release of four singles.

All four singles, ‘When The Curtain Falls’, ‘Watching Over’, ‘Lover, Leaver’, ‘Anthem’, and ‘You’re The One’ feature on the album, alongside some other really, really good songs, such as the opening track, ‘Age Of Man’. The opening track does take a bit to kick in, but when it does, it delivers something truly beautiful. At just over six minutes long, first impression are that it will drag out and be a bit too much, but the song keep delivering something fresh, and it’s obvious it will be great at their upcoming gigs.

Each and every song is brilliant, and has something different in it. Each has that distinct guitar sound, and those unbelievable vocals, but there are just little things added, and little effects, that make each song unique. For me, ‘Lover, Leaver’ is probably the strongest track for the drums. That kit takes a beating for the whole of that song, and the fills and rolls that are scattered throughout the song give the track something different to the rest of the tracks, where the drums are a bit more relaxed.

To pick a best guitar song would be hard, because each song has something different. ‘You’re The One’ shows off the acoustic skills that Jake Kiszka has, which are overlooked for the majority of the album, and ‘When The Curtain Falls’ shows off how well Jake can wield that Gibson SG that has become a distinct part of the bands live image. The same goes for the vocals, each song is just as powerful as the one before or after. There’s an incredible energy in the vocals for the whole album, and whilst he seems to live in Robert Plant’s shadow quite often, this album has brought him out of that shadow, and (hopefully) set him aside from Plant.

On a whole, the album delivers songs to relax to, and songs that just make you want to rock out, and live, it’s going to be something else. A whole new energy that can’t be shown from a recording studio will be delivered, and it’ll be a truly special moment.