In the age of the synth, Puppet Theory show others how it should be done with their recent single, ‘Drifting’.

A song that starts off slow and relaxed soon builds and turns into a loud, energetic indie gem.

Manchester based 4 piece Puppet Theory really show off their talents with this song, and you can tell that they’ve knocked the ball out of the park before the song even hits the 1 minute mark. A slightly more intricate riff than what indie fans would be use to really sticks out throughout, and the fading in and out of instruments really brings out the best of each member’s talent, and especially makes the thumping bass stand out, which is something other bands need to utilise more when writing songs, as it can often be forgotten.

From catchy lyrics, to a riff that you’ll struggle to get out of your head, this song leaves little out, and has everything in it that will make this song stand out above the astonishing amount of songs that are being released at this moment. Not only does it have all the elements to make a catchy hit, it also has everything to make it fit into a few different genres. From pop to indie, and even a hint of rock, this song has a bit of everything in it.

The pairings of bright lead and overdriven chords, along with the echo-y vocals makes a creation that would only work in the right balance, and I think that they’ve aced it, and the balance has been made perfectly. This well crafted balance of instruments, along with the aforementioned fading in and out of different instruments, makes this song a well engineered masterpiece.

This band have done well to make this song stand out from the rest, and deserve a lot or recognition for putting out such a great song after only 2 years of being a band. So be sure to give it a listen here.

We rate:
4.5 rating