After an amazing year, Sly Antics are kicking off 2018 with the release of a new single

Their winter tour is over, but Sly Antics are eager to get back at it, with the release of ‘Sunday Fear’ 

It was a busy end to 2017 for Mancunian three-piece Sly Antics, but they are not going to let that stop them from pushing on and getting their fabulous noise heard by their fans, and they’ve shown this with the release of ‘Sunday Fear’, a long awaited single, that will be accompanied by a night at The Bread Shed, Manchester on 3rd March, which will be their biggest headliner to date.

2018 started off brilliantly for Sam, Lee and Chris, as they found at they were selected as a finalist for ‘Best Rock Act’ by the UMA Music Awards, they adopted a cat, which can be seen on their social media, and they’ve teased fans with pictures of filming for the video of ‘Sunday Fear’, then fans showed their support by buying the first 100 copies of the single within a matter of hours. However, it’s not surprising how quickly the singles sold out, considering how eagerly anticipated this single has been, as fans have been waiting nearly a year for it, after the Spring release of their last single, ‘Motion’.

The song starts out like no other Sly Antics songs. An acoustic guitar is mated with a space-y synth, but the drone of the lead guitar slowly gets louder, and then climaxes as the first verse comes in, with powerful vocals, and choppy chords, it’s not too dissimilar from ‘Lights Go Down’ or ‘Break it, Buy It’ in terms of the guitar sound, yet it sounds completely new at the same time. They’ve created something truly special here, and it deserves to be recognised.

Although the lead is discreet, it really cuts through the mix, as do the vocals, and Sly Antics have the folks at Greenmount Studio’s to thanks for the great mixing that has taken place to make this track sound incredible. I can really see this being a fan favourite, relaxed at first and then builds into the usual loud, beautiful noise. If this is the sound that the band have been looking for, then it has been well worth searching for, because it’s utterly brilliant, and is by far the best single I have heard from a Manchester based band.

Talking about the single, front man and guitarist Sam said ‘this is the track we are most proud of’ and ‘it shows the direction we’re heading’. The band are also excited about the video which will be accompany ‘Sunday Fear’, as it features Misfits star Craig Parkinson, a TV-show which Sly Antics are huge fans of. However, fans will have to wait until the 2nd to see the video.

If you haven’t already, then get yourself a ticket for their single launch, because it is going to be one truly amazing night, after 2 months off the road, Sly Antics are sure to come back with an almighty bang that shouldn’t be missed.

The single is available on Spotify and all other streaming channels.

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