Welcome to the Card House, Chris Liebing is waiting there for you……..

From the moment Kraftwerk blew the music world apart with their now iconic technological take on musical sound, it has needed someone with an equally sound musical footing to follow.

And now, the path takes a new direction, courtesy of German born techno master, Chris Liebing, and his new, and extremely cool single, Card House. And it’s a song which also features the vocal talents of Miles Cooper Seaton, from avant-rock outfit, Akron/Family.

This is an extremely chilled out number, with the distinct German techno rhythm that was synonymous by Kraftwerk all those years ago, guiding you nicely through the 7 minute length of this song. And Miles Cooper Seaton calmly talks you through with a reassuring whisper.

Chris Liebing has definitely made a very classy song, and it’s further proof that techno is still alive. It just needed a little bit of Liebing . Great stuff.

Card House is a track taken from the new album from Chris Liebing called, Burn Slowand is released on September 7th on the Mute Records label

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5.0 rating