Fancy a bit of urban rap? A little Shotty Horroh should do the trick…

Hailing from Manchester, Shotty Horroh is here with his new single release, Dirty Old Town.

And before you ask, no it isn’t a cover of the song made famous by The Pogues and various other artists. But it does nod in the direction of the original number, as it’s a song about suburban goings on, particularly on council estate in Harlow. Shotty Horroh brings it in a grand urban style, like if The Specials and The Streets had gotten together.

Mike Skinner had indeed left a gap in the market and Shotty Horroh has taken full advantage of that. And you like your music with a real life edge to it, then Shotty Horroh is the man for you. Great stuff from a man who will make you take notice.

Dirty Old Town will appear on Shotty Horroh’s forthcoming album, Salt Of The Earth, released on September 7th

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4.0 rating