It’s always great seeing a band live. Even better when you can share that experience in your own home too.

Hailing from Reading, The Amazons are here, and in their live habitat, with the release of their new E.P, Come The Fire, Come The Evening, on the Fiction Records label.

Taken from the shows at the Hexagon in Reading and at Kentish Town Forum in London, the E.P begins with Little Something. A song which starts subtle, and then springs into heavy musical life, with singer Matt Thomson in fine vocal form, before it blends into the T-Rex classic, 20th Century Boy, and then back again into the solid show opener.

In My Mind is the next song up, with guest vocalist Teresa Jarvis, and is a slick rock vocal duet. Again, starting subtle before the band, the afore mentioned Matt Thomson, guitarist Chris Alderton, bassist Elliott Briggs and drummer Joe Emmett, add the heaviness, that makes this song a great number.

Third song is Black Magic, and for me is the pick of the bunch. Starting the song off with the howl of Thomson’s vocal range, before getting the crowd into pogo mode, with its sing along chorus and the band showing off their capabilities for a very welcome 8 minutes plus.

The finale comes in the shape of Junk Food Forever. And don’t let the title fool you, this is a proper anthem that every band comes up with. The kind of song that makes you want to get your lighter out and wave it over your head, and it fits the E.P like the proverbial glove.

This is a corking E.P, from a very good band. But don’t take my word for it, when they come to your town, go and experience them for yourself. The Amazons are definitely in their prime.

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