Liverpool based, indie psychedelic’s The Indica Gallery dropped their debut single ‘Forever Loving You’ today aiming to break into the hearts of rock fans, one trippy tune at a time.

The track itself showcases the group’s particular talent for crafting some incredibly captivating vocal melodies woven throughout spacey instrumentals and fuzzed out lead guitar riffs that are bound to stay with you after a listen or two.

Vocalist Joe Mansergh specifically delivering a mesmerising performance as he navigates the tune’s diverse soundscape with solid lyricism and some pretty fun ‘oos’ to sing along with.

Aside from the technical, ‘Forever Loving You’ oozes style – atmospheric plucking of bass strings, backing of keys and simplistic drums letting the track breath before altering grooves just that little bit to keep you immersed within The Indica Gallery’s vibe.

It’s the subtleties that make this track so impressive and that’s what’s so hard to capture in writing, a track that has to be experienced first hand to appreciate, and I highly recommend that you do. Get the track here: The best 79p you spend today! 

The Indica Gallery are:

Joe Mansergh – Vocals and Guitar
Michael Spence – Keys and Vocals
Finlay Lovett – Bass Guitar and Vocals
Ryan Patterson – Lead Guitar
Zack Smith – Drums and Vocals


We rate:
5.0 rating