Forming The Struts in Derby, England, in 2012, all four members began making music as teenagers, initially finding inspiration in groups like Oasis and the Libertines and then tracking their idols’ influences to discover the glam bands that would one day shape their own sound.

“When we first started, we both just wanted to make fun, happy rock songs with big choruses—the kind of thing that bands like Slade and T. Rex used to do,” says Slack of his collaboration with Spiller.

The trademark tongue-in-cheek swagger of classic glam also played a key part in the naming of the band, Spiller points out. “We were in rehearsals and someone saw me strutting around as we were playing and made the suggestion that we call ourselves The Struts,” he says. “We loved that from day one—it absolutely represents what we’re about.”

Before even releasing their first album, U.K.-bred four-piece The Struts opened for The Rolling Stones in front of a crowd of 80,000 in Paris, got hand-picked by Mötley Crüe to serve as the supporting act for their four last-ever performances, and toured the U.S. on a string of sold-out shows that demanded the band move up to bigger venues to accommodate their fast-growing fanbase. Now with their full-length debut Everybody Wants, lead vocalist Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies reveal the supreme mix of massive riffs and powerfully catchy melodies that’s already slain so many adoring audiences around the globe.

The Struts latest offering is titled Young and Dangerous, there has been a notable gap since the last album Everybody Wants, was released. The band have relocated to LA and have taken the time to painstakingly produce an album that is full of excellent well delivered tracks that will bring that sense of Glam Rock to the fore.

From the opening Bars of Body Talk the feet tapping and finger clicking, will have you drawn in immediately. Grunge guitar and melodic overtones transport you to an era when bands came out to play. There’s a flamboyance about front man Luke Spiller, a cross between Steven Tyler and Freddie Mercury, just in case you’re not certain The Struts are no wannabe Glam Rockers. They are Glam, and they are Rockers in their own right.

In Love with the camera does have a feel of Queen Crazy little thing called love. Who am I and People along with Tatler magazine and the anthemic Freak like you give the album the real feel of stadium pleasers, Guitars and drum beat delivered in a true stadium backdrop with a vocal delivery that will have the crowds begging for more. This album has put the Power back into Britpop, a real drive and statement that maybe things where getting a little twee on the guitar scene.

Whilst the album will become a definite earworm, its true value will be in the live performances, where the power and energy of a band who have honed their craft can let rip.

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