This week is the turn of the singles.

It’s been a great year for music, so this weeks Throwback Thursday remembers the singles released in 2018.

We have picked out the top five best singles which were released since January, and put them together in the following article, in no particular order, and a list of honourable mentions.

1- Jack White – Over and Over and Over

It was a good year for Jack White, his album went down brilliantly with fans, despite its shaky start at first, and his lengthy tour pleased everyone who saw him fill out arenas, bars and everything in-between. ‘Over and Over and Over’ was the second single from White’s third solo album, ‘Boarding House Reach’, and it is a perfect mix of White’s new hip-hop sounds and his distinct choppy guitar which fans have loved for over 20 years, Whilst some were left a little disheartened by the new sound, it soon grew on them, and the single went down a treat when performed live.

2019 is going to be a big year for White, as he has already announced that The Raconteurs will be back with their third studio album, and new material will be coming very soon.

2- Greta Van Fleet – Lover, Leaver

It would be impossible to talk about music released in 2018, and not mention Greta Van Fleet. They’ve taken the world by storm with their classic rock sound, and their success has just rocketed over the past 12 months. Lover, Leaver was the third single released by the young, classic rockers, and was probably the strongest single they released from their debut album, ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’. It had the raw sound that fans have grown to love, and it showed how much the band have improved since their debut EP.

This band are definitely going to keep going from strength to strength, so keep an ear out for their music, because it is really something special.

3- Saytr Play – Fragile

Saytr Play are beginning to build quite the following in and around Manchester, and the success of their single, ‘Fragile’ has cemented that. The single has one of the best opening riffs I have heard in a while, and it sounds even better live, but for me, it’s the lyrics that make it such a good single. Mental Health is a big issue in up and coming bands, so for an up and coming band to make a single about Mental Health is incredible. The appeal to their fan base was incredible, and the turn out at their single launch back in August showed how good this song was.

Saytr Play are definitely ones to watch for next year, and their music just keeps getting better.

4- Arctic Monkeys – Four Out Of Five

2018 was the year we finally saw Arctic Monkeys return to our stages, and our playlists, with new music, in the form of their 70s inspired album, ‘Tranquility Hotel Base and Casino’, which was led by the incredible single, ‘Four Out Of Five’. Whilst the album may not be to everyone’s taste, and it definitely doesn’t carry that distinct Monkeys’ sound, this single is probably one of the strongest singles released this year. It’s carried by that guitar riff that you end up humming all day after hearing it, and Alex Turner dared to be different with the single, and the album, and it makes it so much better.

It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for the kings of Indie.

5- Nothing But Thieves – Forever & Ever More

2018 saw Nothing But Thieves release a new EP, which was led by ‘Forever & Ever More’, which saw Nothing But Thieves take their signature sound, and turn it up to 12. The heavy guitar riffs, the incredible vocals, and the catchy chorus result in a great single, and it’s no surprise that whenever you get in your car, this song is playing on one radio station or another. For me, it’s the best material they’ve released to date, and by far the heaviest they’ve released.

Nothing But Thieves are slowly beginning to dominate the alt-rock world, and their success still hasn’t reached its peak.

Honourable Mentions

This is a list of singles released this year, that didn’t quite make the top five, but are still worth a listen, because picking the top five was a hard task.

Sly Antics – Sunday Fear

Black Honey – I Only Hurt the Ones I Love

Our Fold – Don’t You Want A Lover

Blinders – L’Etat C’est Moi

Johnny Marr – Hi, Hello