Bombay Bicycle Club are back! With rumours of new music and a potential UK tour to match.

The London born and bred indie quad have long and rightfully made their place in UK alternate history with groundbreaking singles such as ‘Always like this’, ‘How can you swallow so much sleep?’ And ‘Luna’. With over a decade of musical ingenuity under their belt, what can we expect for album five?

On the 15th of Jan 2019 the boys social media feeds erupted with excitement from old fans, new fans and day one fans as they announced they had been “Getting back into the swing of playing music together.” The bands announcement continued by adding that “The joy were getting out of playing the old songs seemed to naturally lead us onto working on new material.” (Bombay bicycle club official Instagram)

3/4 of the band with their promo for ‘So long see you tomorrow’ Copyright- Bombay Bicycle Club official instagram page

Bombay Bicycle Club, for so many people provided an identity of British music culture and were a backbone for new artists emerging from the back end of the naughties.

As they announced their final string of ‘farewell’ tours back in 2016, there was a sense of optimism that this surely wouldn’t be the end of Bombay Bicycle Club. However, could it be the end as we know it?
With new tracks teased what direction will the band head in this time? As we saw with their ground breaking final album ‘So long see you tomorrow’, the band encapsulated a whole other side to alternate music and entered into a depth of unknown beauty which was applauded by many.

With this in mind, we reckon 2019 is already off to a blinding start