Open up the Cellar Doors…..

Flick Of The Finger introduced you all to San Francisco rockers, Cellar Doors, not so long ago. Now, it’s time to introduce you all to their brand new eponymous album. How does it rate then?

First song is City Girl. A intro that draws you before the classic sound of a three minute pop-rock song begins. That’s when singer, Sean Fitzsimmons, really draws you in with pure psychedelic vocals. A proper catchy opener. Silhouette is the next song and switches to a sound that wouldn’t be out of place in the 1980’s music heyday. Drummer, Miki Rogulj and bassist Jason Witz, certainly make their presence felt on this one, with Fitzsimmons and his vocal range being given a work out, alongside some nifty guitar work.

The third song in – is In A Dream. And it adapts the psychedelia roots once again before it goes into a keyboard lead dream of a song. Many might call it a shoegaze song, but that has all been done before. This takes it beyond that and does it to great effect. Prism is the fourth song, and this is a great song. Simple synth opening, before it goes up a notch or 3 halfway through. One of the best songs on the album.

Half way point of the album is Hollow. You’d almost mistake this for a Doors number, and they didn’t do too badly. It has that real psych feel, Fitzsimmons channeling his inner Jim Morrison, Rogulj and Witz giving the music a real kick whenever required. Sirens is song six, and one of the faster numbers on the album. Nothing flash, nothing fancy about this one. Gentile vocals accompanying the near frantic drums and guitars. Yet, it still sounds as easy on the ears as the rest of the album.

Seventh song in is Frost. The keyboards take control once again, with the guitars providing ample support. This song has everything though, it’s one that will sound great anywhere you listen to it. A pop-rock lesson for all bands, aspiring or established. Heroine is the eighth song in, and this is their Jesus and Mary Chain number. Fitzsimmons and his vocals have that distant feel to them, and the music is just slow and reels you in with every minute that passes. A beautiful number.

Penultimate number is Pale Blue. This could be the album closer or opener, but has that anthem style about it. A classic psych number throughout. The vocals, the drumming, the guitars, the bass, the synth…the lot. It’s perfect. The last song on the album is Wild Heart. An acoustic number that finishes the album off nicely. This is the song that will sound terrific live, and makes sure the quality of this album doesn’t diminish at all.

As far as debut albums go, this is brilliant. It’s always a challenge for bands to make a name for themselves, but Cellar Doors will have absolutely no problem there. It has everything you could possibly want, and more. There will be debut albums released this year, but nothing that will sound as fantastic as this. The perfect start to what should be a terrific career.

The album, Cellar Doors, by Cellar Doors is out now on all formats on the Here Hear label.