Manchester based CWS are back  with their gritty and honest take on life.

The first track ‘Summer Breeze’, may not sound as fierce as their previous offerings ‘She’s Falling Apart and Everything We’ve Ever Had (We’ve had to Fight For)’, but make no mistake it’s not as fluffy and delicate as the title suggests, still delivering the same fuck you energy the 3 piece punk outfit do so well. Described as a redemption song, the intro kicks off with a sucker-punch bass line and drum beat before shoeing you straight into the lyrics. The vocals at times have a slightly vulnerable Robert Smith-ness about them with a catchy melodic chorus you will find yourself singing long after the track has finished.

‘I’ll be Your Witness’ is a timely reminder that everything we say and do counts, whether that’s good or bad. Opening up with the lyrics “I hope that you choke on the words that you spoke, they come back to haunt you daunt you, that’s no joke”,  it’s more brooding than ‘Summer Breeze’, with an almost hypnotic and determined, pumped up feel to it. If I ever decide to do a Rocky and start running around with a log on my back (or more realistically a stick) I reckon this tune could be playing in my ears to keep me going. Both songs are intelligent yet beautifully raw and you can hear the importance of each band member to the sound, the style and most importantly the message.

Before we all go and stockpile Fray Bentos pies ready for the impending post March apocalypse, let’s remind ourselves when Henry Rollins said: “This is not the time to be dismayed, this is punk rock time. This is what Joe Strummer trained you for.” Over to you Cold Water Swimmers, I reckon you got this.

Summer Breeze/I’ll be Your Witness will be available to download/stream with limited edition CD’s from March 18th. Cold Water Swimmers will be playing at The Alphabet Brewery (Manchester): ‘Birds on a Wire does Women’s Day’ on March 8th, You Are Not Alone Festival (Manchester)March 30th and The Salty Dog (Northwich) April 17th

The band are:

Songwriter/guitar: Chris Bridgett

Bass guitar: Carrie Lawson

Drums: Selina Clements Woolnough

Photo Credit: Thom Jackson