The First Release From HUDSUN, And It’s Beautiful.

HUDSUN is a new project by Sam Hudson, former front-man of indie duo, Sly Antics.

It had been a while since any activity had come from Sly Antics, and then the other week, the news broke that the band are back, with a whole new format. Sly Antics may be a band no more, but it’s now the turn for HUDSUN, and what fun it is going to be. They are still championing some of their older tracks, but from this point forward, it’s all fresh material, and it’s been kicked off with ‘Retrograde’.

‘Retrograde’ may be familiar to some of Sly Antics’ fans, as it was once ‘B-Side’, but having never been officially released, HUDSUN changed the name, revamped it and kicked off their new venture with one hell of a tune. It’s got a sound similar to what they had before the band re-format, but with more swagger and punch. The addition of subtle keys gives the track a Jack White vibe, and the leading riff adds to that vibe. The vocal work is where this song gets interesting for me though. There’s a soul softness to the breakdowns, a raw rock vibe to the chorus, but it’s phrased in a similar to fashion to something you would find on a 90’s hip-hop album.

It may sound like they have just tried to throw in as many influences as possible, and in a way they have. But they’ve done it carefully, and the song works fantastically with the multi-genre feel. Sam has taken his extensive range of influences, and whilst using them, has also put his unique gritty twist to the track, which is what really sets it off from the rest.

Speaking about the name change, and why it happened, Sam said; “The band had changed so much since we started this project. Including members swapping in and out, the music we were listening to and all the rest, and the more we evolved the more disconnected with Sly Antics we felt. It wasn’t even a tough decision, as soon as we thought about having a new name, it just instantly made sense. Now we feel like a weight has been lifted and the project is more honest about itself and can’t wait to start performing again in the near future!”

There’s definitely more to come from HUDSUN, and I cannot wait to catch them live. The energy Sam has is truly incredible, and there’s no doubt he won’t be holding back when he, and the band, take to the stage soon. Their first announced date is at Off The Record 2019, where they will perform at Soup Kitchen.