What an album, its not easy to classify in any particular genre, there’s a hint of spanish guitar, some lovely acoustic playing, Jazz, and even blues, but as Jan himself says “I like diversity and freedom.” This album is incredibly diverse, simply put I feel it crosses so many musical genres

Jan speaks of the album:

 “The title was inspired from a simple notion, that when you are too close to an object you cannot see the real value. The same applies to music.” “My aim is to create beauty in my music,” he continues. “I like diversity and freedom.”

Dare I say I’ve come to the album with preconceived ideas considering Jan’s previous involvement with prog legends Focus, Jan being a founder member of the band. It’s diversity and freedom, is its feature that drew me in, of course there are as with many albums’ favourite tracks, but this is an album that can be listened to frequently and never tire of.

Tommys Anniversary, in particular reminded me a little of Focus, but that’d be difficult not to make that comparison, his guitar leads through a series of interesting soundscapes, and while strong never overpowering, of course credit should also go to other musicians he has recorded with, Marijn van den Berg(drums), David de Marez Oyens (bass) and Coen Molenaar (keyboards).

You can see the video here

Loved the laid back feel to Meanwhile in St Tropez, and the patterns that ran through Retrospection, all in all I find this an album that’s easy to listen to, to enjoy is itself very relaxing and demonstrates how versatile a musician Jan Ackerman is, he is well respected by his peers, in fact Bryan May considers him as ‘one of his hero’s’ while BB King has been quoted “I wish I could play the things that he did”. It’s very easy to see why so many out there speak so highly of him, I guess you could argue that it’s a guitarist album, maybe but I found it incredibly accessible and enjoyable. It is available on vinyl and im sure the content of this fine album would come across exceptionally well on the format.

The Album is released this Friday: 25th October via Music Theories Recordings

Feature image © Paul Bergen