A few months ago Joe Jonas dished some juicy information that My Chemical Romance was rehearsing in rooms next to the Jonas Brothers in New York. It has been six years since the band had split so it was news millions of fans wanted to be true. Quenching the excitement, My Chemical Romance guitarist, Frank Iero responded with among other comments a quick skit on Twitter. As Halloween got underway news broke that Iero had protested too much. 

While we were enjoying our spooky selves this Halloween, My Chemical Romances social media sprang like Frankenstein’s monster into life. This wasn’t the first time in six years that new pictures had been uploaded and it was Iero’s birthday so at first only a few ‘ what if this means something’ was heard. The buzz, however, grew as the band created an Instagram account. Their first post featuring a new logo, with the comment, ‘ex. 1: Clarity’.

That lowkey buzz soon exploded as everyone was glued to events as they unfolded with further images of symbols and further annotations popped up. Around 7 pm the news everyone was hoping for came.

” Like phantoms forever,” the post, with a picture of two statue angels, stated. Capitalised RETURN boldly declaring their intent. While the information and link to ticket purchasing page (not live till noon on 01 November 2019) for a single show in LA did not diminish fans elation at the news.

While all us UK My Chemical Romance fans are certainly excited for everyone lucky enough to gain a ticket and attend the LA show. We can not help but speculate and hope that this won’t be the only show the band play. Should there be more we certainly hope the UK will enjoy some dates. While we are here wishing we hope that the venues are not all stadiums and arenas. Because My Chemical Romance’s very special kind of punk rock should be experienced hot sweaty, up close and personal.

Can you believe we can say this: stay up to date with NEW My Chemical Romance news via their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter from where they tweet as @MCRofficial.