A transcendental mix of guitars and haunting vocals

It’s music like this that keeps psychedelic rock alive in an age where it is starting to fade out

Having established a devoted following in both the UK and Europe since their formation five years ago, particularly in France where they are true indie-heroes, the band have taken their time evolving and crafting new material. ‘Kiss The Pharaoh’ is a thrilling taste of what’s to come as they re-emerge from the shadows, back into the white-heat of the public eye.

This new track is the first release in over two years from the band, but it’s a solid reboot, and if there’s like this to come, then the band will definitely be reaching the heights that they were once at, and it will be great to see a band be able to take a break, but come back all guns blazing as if they have never been away. It seems common nature for the more established acts of the world, but for an up and coming band, that is a big achievement.

It’s not just the track itself that is psychedelic, the video takes psychedelia to a whole different level. It’s reminiscent of something from The Mighty Boosh, and is the perfect accompaniment to the track.

The new track is a great way for the band to kick off their new record deal, after having recently signed to Modern Sky Entertainment UK. It’s also a great way to get fans back to their gigs, as they have also announced two tour dates, in Bristol and London, with more expected to be announced soon. Tickets for those two dates are available here –London. Bristol.

We rate:
4.5 rating