Don’t try to Resist going Within Temptation….

Dutch symphonic rock supremos, Within Temptation, are back. And after a five year gap since Hydra, and a Sharon Den Adel solo album in between, the song remains the same with their new release, Resist.

First up is The Reckoning. It’s definitely in the Within Temptation vein of music as it starts with a loud, hard introduction before Den Adel and guest vocalist Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, combine to give this song a powerful start to the album. Endless War is the second helping and keeps the loud, powerful element going. Den Adel stretching her vast vocal array as only she can. So far, so good.

Third song in is Raise Your Banner. This one features another guest vocalist and this time it’s the turn of Anders Friden of Swedish metal outfit, In Flames. And this the rock anthem you’ve been waiting for this year. Heavy drums, heavy guitars, Sharon Den Adel singing. What more could you ask for? Supernova is the next one, and has a keyboard driven basis to it. But the rock element never leaves this song, and this will prove very popular when they go out on tour again.

Half way song of the album is Holy Ground. This one sees Den Adel in quite a defiant mood, but it takes nothing away from the song. Hard and heavy, but done in a different style to some previous numbers. In Vain follows soon after, a quiet tempo begins the song before the traditional blast of a rock chorus kicks in. A protest song, of sorts.

Seventh song of the album comes in the shape of Firelight. This one features the third guest vocalist on the album, Jasper Steverlinck of Belgian rockers, Arid. Again, it’s a slow tempo to the song, but the vocal combination of Den Adel and Steverlinck work really well. The band have picked their guests very carefully on this album. Mad World is the eighth number, and this picks up in pure Within Temptation fashion. It is a great rock song, keyboard lead with able guitar support and graceful vocals from Den Adel.

Penultimate song is Mercy Mirror. The ballad I’ve been waiting for on this album is right here, and it’s a wonderful song. Within Temptation are a band that do this type of song so well, better than a lot out there. Den Adel and her voice are an absolute joy on this one. Resist finishes with Trophy Hunter. And this finishes the album in real heavy style. A thumping intro, then the build up to a raucous chorus. It’s the only way an album like this can end.

Within Temptation have seen themselves keep up with the times. There was a point where we wondered if they would actually carry on at all. But Resist is an album made by a band that is truly enjoying themselves once again. And for the fans, that is very very good news. If you’re going to buy yourself a rock album this year, pick this one. You’ll be glad you did. Excellent stuff.

The new album, Resist, by Within Temptation is out now on all formats on the Universal Music/Vertigo label