They may have lost a third of the band, but their sound has tripled with this new release.

This band were tipped to be going places already, but now they’ve changed their sound, they’re success is going to sky rocket. 

Sly Antics were known for their energy, their volume, and their rock sound, but with this new release, they’ve lost a bit of the rock sound, and it’s for the better. The new release, ‘Reality’, is going to set them apart from the rest. There isn’t another upcoming band with a sound like this, in fact, there isn’t really a famous band with such a good sound.

The way the song builds just sets you up for an amazing hit to the face when the chorus hits. It’s been written perfectly. Starting off slow, the effects on the guitar slowly adding tension before the first chorus hits. This is how to use drum pads! It really amazes me how a duo have created such a loud, in your face song, especially after losing a member. It’s normally a big hit for a band to lose a member, and i’m sure it was for this band, but Sly Antics have come back stronger, louder, and better than ever.

Sam, the lead singer, guitarist, and the driving force of the band, had this to say: “Reality is a turning point for our sound. This is our first single as a two piece and we’ve shown a side to Sly Antics that hasn’t really been exposed before.” He also gave us a bit of insight into what the track is about. He said the track is “based around technology addiction and social pressures which people face day to day.” This is something that needs talking about, more and more people are drifting away from what is actually real, just because of a few apps on their phones.

I honestly think that Sam and Lee are names you are going to be hearing a lot more of throughout this year, and big things will be coming from this truly incredible track. It’s April, and we already have a strong contender for track of the year.