The Blue Stones Have Returned With ‘Shakin Off The Rust’

It’s their first single since 2018’s ‘Black Holes’, and produced by Paul Meany

Meticulously layered with cannon-esque percussion and electrifying guitars, ‘Shakin’ Off The Rust’ culminates in an inspiring chorus focused on fresh starts.  Working with producer Paul Meany (Mutemath, Twenty One Pilots), guitarist/vocalist Tarek Jafar and drummer/vocalist Justin Tessier managed to sonically create an emotional intensity that sets the table perfectly for Jafar’s powerful vocal delivery.

‘Shakin’ Off The Rust’ serves as the mission statement for the next chapter of The Blue Stones creative journey – putting their well-earned confidence on full display as they prepare for a big 2020. On the single, vocalist/guitarist Tarek Jafar stated: “There are times where I’ve felt I wasn’t good enough, or I didn’t deserve any happiness or success. This song is about battling the thoughts in your head that make you doubt yourself, and coming through with the confidence to make something great.”

I feel this band have a very raw sound, highly reminiscent of the sound Royal Blood, Queens Of The Stone Age and Twenty One Pilots have managed to make a great success off. It’s not as if the band have just gone out and copied these bands though, there are definitely influences, but they have made their own sound and it sounds great! Dynamically excellent, vocally sturdy and phrased beautifully, this new single is a great way for the band to come bounding back on the scene with.

The Blue Stones are not long back from a great tour of America, and are currently in the middle of an extensive European tour, with their last few UK dates coming up in the next day or two. It’s safe to day that it will be a great tour, and it will spread their wonderful sound to thousands of new people along the way.