November 27th 2020 Marks 50 Years Since The Release

The album featured the first post-Beatle number one single for any of the Fab Four.

Among Beatle fans, George Harrison’s third studio album, “All Things Must Pass” is regarded as one of the best albums released by any Beatle after the band split. It featured some tracks which Lennon and McCartney rejected to be Beatles tracks, one of which is the title track of the album, a song which George put forward to feature on the ‘White Album’, and the track did later feature on the extended edition of the album, but missed out on the original release.

Originally released as a triple album, the album was considered by Harrison to be his first real solo album, despite earlier releases such as ‘Wonderwall Music’ and ‘Electronic Sound”. Alongside the many body of songs, the third disc of songs on the album was a compilation of improvised jam sessions, mostly centring around ┬áminimal chord changes, and this disc was titled ‘Apple Jams’. This disc featured the track, “It’s Johnny’s Birthday”, a song which Harrison recorded as a happy birthday message for Lennon on his 30th Birthday. However, the song was the same tune as Cliff Richard’s ‘Congratulations’, and as a result, the original composers of ‘Congratulations’ (Bill Martin and Phil Coulter) claimed royalties for the composition.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the album, George’s son, Dhani, alongside engineer Paul Hicks have re-mixed the whole album, and it is set for release in early 2021. Dhani has said that making the album sound clearer was always a wish of George, and was something they were working on when he passed. To mark the date of the release, a 2020 mix of the title track has been released, and is available to listen to on all streaming platforms.

27th November also marks Record Store Day’s Black Friday event, and as part of that, a 7″ single of ‘My Sweet Lord’. This is a re-press of the rare Angola pressing from 1970, and comes as a numbered single, on a milky-clear vinyl. The item goes on sale at 6pm, and is stocked at any record store which is participating in the RSD Black Friday event.