We are not going to tell you we have been waiting with giddy excitement for news that My Chemical Romance will return to the United Kingdom. Okay, we’ve been waiting with giddy excitement. Finally, we have something tangible to grasp on to. Is this it? Is My Chemical Romance really going to be playing live in the U.K?

This evening, Friday, January 3, the My Chemical Romance social media platforms simultaneously shared a photograph. The black and white still image is of a hooded figure wearing a skull mask, or maybe that is no mask. A fleur de lys crested dagger is stashed in their waistband. The figure stands in front of bare trees the whisps of fog or smoke swirls around his black clothing. The picture is captioned simply with a Union Jack emoji.

We still don’t have a concrete date or dates (oh please please please be dates). However, this is a very exciting sign from the band who played an incendiary come back show at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles last month. While there is a lot of speculation that the band may headline this year’s Leeds and Reading Festival we really don’t have much to go on at the moment.

So, while Australia, New Zealand and Japan can already breathe easy knowing My Chemical Romance will be playing their countries this March. The U.K it seems has to wait a little longer for confirmation and clarity. We guess that it is back to waiting in giddy excitement for now.

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