New Orleans’ Cane Hill are back with their first new heavy material in 2 years.

The single, Power Of The High, which originally premiered on the Radio 1 Rock show, is both brutal and arresting.

Cane Hill have always straddled their vocals between clean and unclean creating a dynamic sound: an intense metallic vortex with a catchy chorus. Their lyrical content hasn’t shied away from beng upfront with themes of social justice, racism, misogyny even religion.

“Power Of The High is inconsolable fury & anguish. An accumulation of the woes, trails, & tribulations of our recent years from mind-altering aficionados to unwilling servants drowning in the unforgiving tides of the music industry we’ve found ourselves passionately emboldened by the rage fostered whilst stuck between our realities.” shares singer Elijah Witt. “A declaration of third-eye-rebellion, ‘Power Of The High’ is a calling to everyone we know & may meet to join us in breaking the mould that’s been given to you by a higher power & realise the divine being you always have been.”

Regarding the music video, Witt explains, “We dove back into our horror roots by joining forces with the local production company, Dreamseeker, to create a psychedelic twist on Louisiana folklore such as The Rougarou. Power of the High kicks off Krewe De La Morte, which is Volume 1 of larger vision. Join us, live with us, die with us. Welcome to The Krewe.”

Power Of The High is out today and you can stay up to date with all Cane Hill releases and news via their official website, Facebook page and Twitter from where they tweet as @Cane_Hill.